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Custom Manufacturing

Lonza offers state-of-the-art Custom Manufacturing for the Agrochemical Industry. With a broad range of technologies and excellent project management, Lonza guarantees to provide complex new and existing advanced intermediates and agrochemical actives.

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Specialties offered by Lonza include
Frexus™ sanitization products for
the food and farming industries and
fertilizers that are based on
ammonium nitrate. Learn More

Formulation Ingredients

A portfolio of products designed
to help optimize crop protection
formulations and help farmers
deliver safe and abundant crops.
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oil seed rape field


Lonza has been supplying Meta® Metaldehyde to global markets for more than 40 years. This active is the basis for the world’s leading product for controlling snails and slugs. Lonza also offers Axcela®, a formulated slug bait produced in a dedicated plant in Switzerland.
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